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Links, 1963-1971

Starting 1963, the link became a prominent feature of Etrog’s work. This device functioned both technically and metaphorically in his mind and art; as he was moving away from his biomorphic forms towards a more hardened and mechanically-looking sculpture, he was inspired by Etruscan art. He turned to the link as a way to connect separate formal elements while also creating a tension between the individual forms. The sculptures from this period waver from abstract “heady” creations of meandering forms and shapes to moving meditations on the possibility of human connection between groups and individuals.

Towards the end of the Links period (1969-1970), Etrog created an array of artworks devoted to the figure of the bull. The bovine image was used to create works typified by their darkness and horror, reflecting an emotional turmoil and depression he experienced at the end of the decade.

Chain Figure.jpg

Chain Figure, 1967

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