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Museum Exhibition @ AGW

Links as Bones: Sorel Etrog and the Fragile Body

The exhibition, which is the first major museum solo exhibition since Etrog's passing, was curated by Dr. Alma Mikulinsky. It is the first time in Etrog's history that a major museum exhibition focuses on his two dimensional artworks such as large and small scale paintings, drawing and prints.

The exhibition opened to the public in Aug 2021 and will close in May 2022.

Due to Covid-19 the museum could not hold an official opening event and is considering a future event, if the situation of the pandemic allows for one.


About the exhibition:


In 1967, while living in Italy, the Jewish Canadian artist Sorel Etrog was involved in a life-threatening car accident, breaking both legs and injuring his right hand. Shaken by the accident, Etrog began to explore the fragility of the human body through his artworks. Exhibiting more than half of AGW’s collection of Sorel Etrog’s work with loans from The Estate of Sorel Etrog, the show is the first exhibition to date exploring the impact of these life events on Etrog’s artistic practice, allowing viewers to consider a powerful body of work with new understanding. It is also the first exhibition in over 20 years to focus on Etrog's paintings and drawings, revealing another facet of this important artist's career.

For more info, visit Art Gallery of Windsor

ACI Book Thumb

Sorel Etrog: Life & Work

New book released by Art Canada Institute

A new book by Dr. Alma Mikulinsky on the life & work of Sorel Etrog has been released and available for reading online or downloading. Printed edition will be available soon.

The book has been published by Art Canada Institute and is a part of the Canadian Online Art Book Project - a  growing digital library of books, all original works commissioned by the Art Canada Institute, by the country’s leading art experts on artists who have made a critical contribution to the evolution of the nation’s art history.

In addition to being one of the most comprehensive publications on Etrog's biography, career and art, Dr. Mikulinsky's book is based on her research which revealed new information and less previously known parts of Etrog's biography. The Etrog estate is forever grateful to Dr. Mikulinsky for her dedication and thoroughness which led to this great publication.

ACI's team has done a remarkable job and it is a great honour that this book joins their list of extraordinary publications on Canadian art.

The book could not have been published without the generosity of Barbara & Jay Hennick, who once again showed their amazing support, second to none, for Etrog's legacy.

To read the book online, go to Sorel Etrog: Life & Work

Spiral Thumbnail.jpg

Spiral - A Sorel Etrog Film

Now available for viewing online!

Spiral, Etrog’s only venture to the world of filmmaking, is a half-hour long, black-and-white film which explores a man’s journey from birth to death through a nonlinear narrative.

Spiral is now available to registered members of the official website of The Estate of Sorel Etrog. For viewing (streaming) online, please look for Spiral in the Media page of the website, or follow the link provided below. Unregistered visitors will be required to register first before being granted access to the video.

To watch Spiral now, FOLLOW THIS LINK

Edel Assanti Brussels 2019

Art Brussels 2019

April 25th-28th 2019

Visit Edel Assanti's booth at Art Brussels to see 1970s and 1980s sculptures and drawings by Sorel Etrog.

For more info, visit Edel Assanti

Etrog Parade Web.jpg

Lecture by Dr. Alma Mikulinsky

Saturday, November 17th 2018, 2:00pm

Barbara Edwards Contemporary is pleased to present Dr. Alma Mikulinsky on Sorel Etrog.


Dr. Mikulinsky is an art historian and curator whose work experience spans four continents. Among her projects were managing the world's second largest collection of Pablo Picasso's Ceramics, curating a block-buster exhibition in Hong Kong as well as shows of contemporary art in Toronto and Santiago de Chile. Her writing was commissioned by prestigious institutions such as Musée National Picasso-Paris and the Tate Modern in London. She is currently working on an ACI book on Sorel Etrog to be published in the fall of 2019.

RSVP to by November 16th - Space is limited

For more info, visit Barbara Edwards Contemporary

Etrog Sunbird II AGO.jpg

Sunbird II @ AGO

Art Gallery of Ontario, Galleria Italia

Etrog's 7 feet tall sculpture "Sunbird II" is now exhibited as part of "Sculptures from the AGO Collection" exhibition at the Galleria Italia - a light-filled showcase of wood and glass designed by Frank Gehry that runs the entire length of the AGO's second level along Dundas St.

"Sunbird II" was purchased by the AGO in 1965 and has been in the gallery's collection ever since.

Another cast of "Sunbird II" was installed in 1994 in Reviers Normandy to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Normandy by Canadian Forces.

For more info, visit:   Art Gallery of Ontario

Untitled (Screws & Bolts)

Gallery Exhibition, Toronto

SOREL ETROG    12 Oct to 1 Dec 2018

Barbara Edwards Contemporary is pleased to present a solo exhibition by renowned artist, Sorel Etrog. This exhibition features sculptures and works on paper from 1971-73. The sculptures, cast bronzes in the shapes of banal objects such as bolts, nuts and screws, coated in bright automobile enamels, mark a departure from his earlier style of white marble and dark bronze figures.


Finding an eye-screw in the streets of Toronto in 1971 presented Etrog with a new way to look at sculpture. The object seemed as if it were a part of one of his earlier sculptures. The screw and various commonplace objects became a foundation for abstraction, enabling Etrog to explore with playful, erotic, and sometimes humorous elements in his work. Etrog took the abstraction even further in his works on paper, forming undefined narratives and what he called "eye-screw hieroglyphs".

For more info, visit Barbara Edwards Contemporary


Art Toronto

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 26 to 29 Oct 2018

Visit Barbara Edward Contemporary's booth C41.

The booth will feature early pre-1960 works by Sorel Etrog.

For more info, visit:   Art Toronto  ;  Barbara Edwards Contemporary

Edel Assanti Expo Chicago 2018.png

Expo Chicago

SOREL ETROG    27 Sep to 30 Sep 2018

Edel Assanti's booth with a solo presentation by Sorel Etrog focusing primarily on drawings from the 1970s alongside two sculptural maquettes.


These will not be the first Etrogs in Chicago - two monumental, historic sculptures reside in the permanent collection of University of Chicago.

For more info, visit Edel Assanti

Waterbury McMichael.JPG

Waterbury @ McMichael

McMichael Canadian Art Collection    April 2018

Etrog's unique 10 foot wood-carved sculpture Waterbury, a gift by The Estate of Sorel Etrog, joins the McMichael's permanent collection and installed in the main hall.


The sculpture joins 67 of Etrog's drawings and sculptures that are already included in the McMichael's collection.

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