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The critical writings around Sorel Etrog are a testament to the provocative power of his oeuvre.  There are nearly 500 publications inspired by his work among which one could find:

  • Monographs by important art writers such as the seminal French critic Pierre Restany, former director of the Art Gallery of Ontario, William Withrow, and art historian and former Royal Ontario Museum’s director Theodore Allen Heinrich;

  • Exhibition catalogues edited and prefaced by figures like curator Ihor Holubizky, former director of England’s National Gallery Sir Philip Hendy, members of Order of Canada Prof. Joyce Zemans and Gary Michael Dault, and Media theorist Marshal McLuhan;

  • Over a hundred solo and group exhibition reviews written by acclaimed journalists and published in daily newspapers and art magazines.


Etrog was also a prolific writer, a poet and a playwright in his own right and also published texts in collaboration with some of the world’s most eminent writers – Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, Marshal McLuhan and others.

A complete bibliography with a list of texts published on and by Sorel Etrog is available for download and includes the following detailed lists:

  • Monographs

  • Selected Writings and Collaborations by Sorel Etrog

  • Catalogues: Solo Exhibitions

  • Catalogues: Group Exhibitions

  • Catalogues: Public collections

  • Exhibition reviews: Solo exhibitions

  • Exhibition reviews: Group exhibitions

  • Book and film reviews

  • General books

  • Miscellaneous

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