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Modern Art

Sorel Etrog, Modern Art Extraordinaire

Whether you're new to the modern art scene or you've been studying the artists who are well-known in the modern art world for a while, it's likely that you're familiar with Canadian artist Sorel Etrog. Born in Romania, Etrog brought Eastern European avant-garde art to the forefront of Canadian culture. After earning his citizenship, Canadian artist Etrog took the modern art world of Canada by storm.

While Etrog is most famous as a Canadian artist, he's also left his mark on several other countries. Before becoming a Canadian citizen, Etrog made rounds through his home country of Romania, as well as Israel. While he was finishing art school and working to find his niche as a modern art creator, he did a number of shows in Tel Aviv, allowing Israeli audiences to enjoy his work long before it became mainstream.

After becoming an established artist in Canada and the United States, Etrog began to make waves in Italy after being invited to be a part of the Venice Biennale. While this took place fairly early in Etrog's career, he later returned to Italy to represent Canada at an art expo in Bari, Italy. Considered the home of modern art and artistic innovation by many, spending time in Italy allowed Etrog to make valuable connections that helped move his work forward when he returned to Canada.

Etrog continued his voyages through Europe In 1979, opening and working in an art studio in Paris. He spent years going back and forth between his home in Canada and his Paris studio. In 1988, he began to work in a new country: South Korea. He was commissioned to create Powersoul for the Summer Olympics. While Ertog was known throughout the art world prior to working for the Olympics, being commissioned for the sculpture seen around the world finally made him a household name. In 1996, Etrog was named Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts & des Lettres by France, cementing French approval and appreciation of his work.

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