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Mother and Child, 1962-1964


305 cm (H)

Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C.

Franklin D. Murphy Sculptural Garden, Los Angeles, CA

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Mother and Child became a recurring motif in Etrog’s work throughout the years, symbolizing the close relationship he had with his mother. Here the strong bond between a mother and her child is expressed in Etrog’s biomorphic style, which combines the organic with abstraction.

The famed American collector Joseph Hirshhorn visited an Etrog exhibition at Walter Moos’ Toronto Gallery in 1961 and bought eight works on the spot. He later bought additional pieces, among them Mother and Child. These works are today at the Hirshhorn Museum at Washington D.C.

Mother and Child, 1962-1964


52 cm (H)

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON

The Sorel Etrog Collection, Hennick Family Wellness Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON

Mother and Child, 1963
Mother and Child (Medium).JPG
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