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Other Activities

Etrog was most well known as a renowned sculptor but he was also a prolific painter and he almost never stopped drawing. However, he did not limit himself to the visual arts and experimented in other various media, works that are typified by his hunger for innovation and creativeness.

Etrog was a ferocious writer, who dabbled in poetry, short stories, and plays as well as experimenting in the game of “exquisite corpse” where he co-wrote poetic texts with Gary Michael Dault, the lauded art critic.

Etrog designed the Canadian film award, which was known as the “Etrog” in 1968 (until it was renamed “Genie” in the 1980’s). He designed medallions such as the one commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the one for the Annual Award Prix Alliance Française Toronto.

Etrog’s movie Spiral, a black-and-white film in the tradition of avant-garde cinema, was screened on CBC in 1975 and then inspired a book project with Marshal McLuhan made of a collage of film stills combined with quotes from modernist writers’ texts.

Etrog designed sets and costumes for the stage play The Celtic Hero: Four Cuchulain Plays by W.B Yates, on view in 1978 at Toronto’s Bayview Theatre.

Etrog created performance pieces such as Musicage (dedicated to the composer John Cage) and The Bodifestation of the Kite (in celebration of Beckett’s 70th birthday) which he Illustrated, choreographed and composed its score of electronic music.

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