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Steel Constructions, 1980-1990

During the 1980s Etrog invented his last important style where he returned to some of the issues of his early career: namely, wall construction and geometric abstraction. Also reminiscent of his earliest body of work is the play between two-dimensional flatness and three-dimensional volumes, as the steel constructions look like projections of three-dimensional objects. Etrog further developed his hinges device, but when using steel sheets - instead of bronze-casting voluminous forms - he both generated a cool and rational appearance and explored a new possibility for unprecedented monumental scale.

At first, the steel constructions were used for flat wall structures, which shuns away from the exploration of movement and connection of the previous decades. The next stage of this technique however returned to three-dimensional sculptures, which resulted in some of Etrog’s most well known and iconic pieces.

Homage to Picasso.jpg

Homage to Picasso, 1980

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