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The Estate Of Sorel Etrog

The Estate of Sorel Etrog: The Early Years

If you're in touch with the Canadian art world, there's no doubt you're familiar with the estate of Sorel Etrog. Born in Romania, Etrog devoted his life to creating fine art. Let's take a look at the life and art of Sorel Etrog, beginning with his early bodies of work.

One of the earliest works available in the Sorel Etrog estate is painted constructions. Many works in the estate of Sorel Etrog involve three-dimensional structures. Etrog's painted construction pieces are special in that they provide both two and three-dimensional views, creating a unique and interesting piece of art that evokes many different emotions in the viewer. At the time, art was typically created on a flat canvas, and Etrog was one of the first to break free from convention and create something new.

Etrog's early works are abstract and can be interpreted in many ways. Bright colors, contrasting curves and sharp points, and layering of materials all create pieces that can take some time for the viewer to fully comprehend. Pieces in the estate of Sorel Etrog are clearly influenced by mid-century avant-garde artists. Etrog's unique early works with a European influence achieved notice from critics and galleries alike. After he finished art school, Etrog began to foray into the world of sculpture. Many of his early sculpture pieces were reminiscent of his art school work, utilizing sharp points and soft curves to create interesting contrasts in the work.

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