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War Remembrance II, 1960-1961


88.9 cm (H) x 102.9 cm (W) x 49.5 cm (D)

Musée des Beaux-arts, Montreal, QC

Franklin D. Murphy Sculptural Garden, Los Angeles, CA

Rockefeller Estate, Kykuit, NY

War Remembrance belongs to Etrog’s early body of sculptural works, pieces that mark his discovery of the sculptural medium. Despite the fact he only had experience in making two-dimensional objects, these early works fully engage with sculptural qualities such as mass, weight and volumes. They also reveal the influence of African, Pre-Colombian and Oceanic artefacts, to which he was exposed during his studies at the Brooklyn Museum of Art School. The title eludes to a subject matter that will appear throughout Etrog’s career, his childhood memories and trauma as a survivor of Nazi and Soviet aggression.

War Remembrabce II, 1960-1961
War Remembrance II Study.jpeg

The Estate of Sorel Etrog

23.5 cm (H) x 30.5 cm (W) x 16.5 cm (D)


War Remembrance II Study, C. 1959-1961

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