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Kabuki, 1971-1972

Painted Bronze

365 cm (H)

Sadko, 1971-1972

Painted Bronze

365.75 cm (H)

Bow Valley Square, Calgary, AB

Sadko Kabuki Plasters.jpg
Sadko Plaster 2.jpeg
Sadko Plaster 1.jpeg
Sadko, Kabuki, 1971-1972

In the early 1970s Etrog began creating sculptures inspired by pop art aesthetic. After a chance encounter with the basic fasteners of the screw and the bolt, which can be found in any hardware store, he began creating bronze sculptures that imitate the appearance of these elements and paint them with bright and shiny car paint. The result is a whimsical representation of the human body with an emphasis on the male and female anatomy.

Kabuki and Sadko were selected to be installed together in Calgary’s Bow Valley Square; while not conceptualized initially as a pair, their opposing colours and references to male and female bodies makes them a perfect sculptural couple.

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