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Large Bull, 1969


127 cm (H) x 127 cm (W) x 45.7 cm (D)

Shakespeare Festival Theatre, Stratford, ON

Planque Foundation, Musé Granet, Aix-en-Provence, France

Etrog mainly focused on small-scale sculptures and graphic work during his “Bulls” period, yet Large Bull is a powerful exception to this rule.


Returning to his natural material of bronze and utilizing his links style for the creation of this piece, Etrog represented a bull’s head through the integration of different elements which come together to further express the period’s anguish and pain. The reference here is not only to Picasso, whose influence is apparent in Etrog’s Targets, but also to the bull capitals of Darius’ Palace in Persepolis,  which he saw during a visit to the British Museum in 1963.

Large Bull, 1969
Large Bull Shakespeare Festival Theatre.
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