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King and Queen (Seated Couple)

King and Queen (Seated Couple), 1990-1998


304.8 cm (H) x 287.65 cm (W)

Windsor Sculpture Garden, Windsor, ON

Harbour Green, Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC

In this late work, Etrog returned to the theme of coupling through the representation of a king and queen. To create this large-scale work, he extended his vocabulary by utilizing the rivet, an ancient technique, which was used to connect flat shapes prior to the invention of welding. Here Etrog used the rivet not just as a structural device but also as a stylistic element to depict details such as the eyes of the figures.

King and Queen, 1990-1998

King and Queen (Seated Couple), 1990-1998


24.1 cm (H) x 40.6 cm (W)

The Estate of Sorel Etrog

King and Queen Study.jpg
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