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Sunlife, 1984

Bronze Sheet

848.6 cm (H)

Sunlife Assurance Company of Canada, Toronto, ON

For this Sunlife public commission, Etrog worked for a period of three years, creating different maquettes and testing out multiple versions of his monumental sculpture until he reached his final design.

The visuality of this work utilizes some of Etrog’s known motifs – the “wheel of the sun” for example – yet the size of the sculpture required him to rethink his technique; the monumental scale of the work prevented Etrog from casting the sculpture in bronze from a plaster mold. Instead, he used bronze sheets for the creation of this monument, an invention that would instigate a new creative phase in his career.

This mega scale masterpiece is an icon of the city of Toronto, located at the busy intersection of King St. and University Ave.

Sun Life, 1984

Sunlife, 1984


Sunlife Study, 1984

Gold Plated Bronze

165 cm (H)

26.5 cm (H)

The Estate of Sorel Etrog

The Estate of Sorel Etrog

Sunlife Medium.jpg
Sunlife Study Gold.png
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